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2017-18 Contacts

In the spirit of our leadership program’s goal to provide opportunities to stretch and grow young adults, we encourage questions and communication by the students themselves, rather than parents.

General Questions

Students will be contacted by their Group Facilitator by phone prior to RYLA.

Tech Support

Technical questions regarding the Website, ClubPack/Documents, or Online Registration:


Changes to Student Registration Data:

Changes to Club-Submitted Names:


Ed King
2 Howe Village, Unit C
Spencer, MA 01562
(508) 885-6999


Jim Fusco
192 Bridle Cross Road
Fitchburg, MA 01420
(978) 340-0823

Volunteer Coordinator
Corinne Badenhoff (617) 894-0357

District 7910 RYLA Committee Chair

Christine PInney
PO Box 736
Bedford Ma 01730


Emergency Contact Info

How to reach your student at RYLA in an emergency:

  • Skip Doyle 508-769-1960
  • Pat Doyle 508-769-1555
  • Fitchburg State University main number (978) 665-3000

NOTE: Pat or Skip may be facilitating a session and will respond to you ASAP.

Most RYLA sessions will be held at Hammond Campus Center.

RYLA students
RYLA class of 2013

RYLA7910 is on Facebook!

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Thank-You Notes

Students are encouraged to send a letter of thanks to their sponsoring Rotary Club. Contact the person who processed your registration paperwork for the proper mailing address.

To send a thank-you to the District 7910 RYLA Committee, mail to:

Christine PInney
PO Box 736
Bedford Ma 01730

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