Online Registration for Attendees & Alternates



This online registration should ONLY be used by students who have been OFFICIALLY SPONSORED by their local Rotary Club as an "Attendee" or "Alternate". Most Rotary Clubs require students to go through an application and interview process before choosing which candidates they will sponsor. Please do not use this form unless you were notified that you were officially selected as an "Attendee" or "Alternate". For more information, please contact your local community Rotary Club.

FYI: You're going to need A BUNCH of info to fill out the online form. USE THIS CHEAT SHEET to collect all the info in advance, so that you have it right at your fingertips when you're filling out the online form.
Got all your info?   Go fill outThe ONLINE FORM
STEP 2:  PAPERWORK   To Sponsor Club by April 5  
After you register online, you will get an email with the official "Paperwork". You and your Parent will need to sign the paperwork and give it to your Sponsoring Rotary Club as soon as possible. If your sponsoring Rotary Club did not give you a specific deadline, we recommend April 5. Please do not delay!

OK, I’ve done all that… Now What?!

Get psyched for the RYLA Conference on the last weekend in June!

As the conference date approaches, you'll receive emails from RYLA leaders with more information. Meanwhile, here’s some other info you may find helpful:

If you still have questions, the next place to go is your sponsoring Rotary Club. If you can’t reach them, you can contact RYLA directly at

If it turns out you won’t be able to attend the entire 3-day RYLA Conference, it’s very important that you notify your sponsoring Rotary Club IMMEDIATELY.


RYLA Conference Dates & Location

June 22–24, 2018

Fitchburg State University
160 Pearl St. Fitchburg, MA

(978) 665-3000

Who is my Sponsoring Rotary Club, and how do I contact them?

Your attendance at RYLA is “sponsored” and paid for by a local Rotary Club.

If you got a congratulatory letter saying you were selected for RYLA, it probably came from your Sponsoring Rotary Club. Look for the Rotary Club name and contact info on that letter. If you didn't get a letter, ask the person you got your application from.